BESA Officers 2023-2024

Each year the students of the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Group select student leaders to serve as officers of the Biomedical Engineering Student Association (BESA). Congratulations to the 2023-2024 BESA officers:

  • President - Hannah O'Toole
  • Vice President - Erika Wheeler
  • Treasurer - Prashant Khatiwada
  • Secretary - Arielle Yoo
  • Publicity Chairs - David (Yufei) Zhu, Silvia Noble Anbunesan
  • Program Advising Chair - Ben Mattison
  • Sacramento Social Chair - Erika Wheeler 
  • Davis Social Chairs - Tanner Henson, Evan Cirves, Ofleya Baghdasaryan
  • Outreach Chairs - Jared Lee-Kin, Ada Kanapskyte, Eden Winslow, Jessica Korte
  • Industry Outreach Chairs - David (Yufei) Zhu, Rajul Bains
  • Rec Sports (IM) Chair - Chieh-Te (Jack) Lin
  • Recruitment Chairs - Ada Kanapskyte, Allison Pickle, Sarah Brashear
  • Symposium Chairs - Allison Pickle, Jacob Roshgadol, Sarah Brashear
  • Alumni Seminar Chair - Alita D'Almeida
  • BESA Health Chairs - Neona Lowe, Roshni Shetty, Abigail Humphries, Kajetan Wysoczynski
  • GSA Representatives - Prashant Khatiwada, Evelyn Zarate-Sanchez, Arielle Yoo

Thank you to the outgoing officers of 2022-2023 for your outstanding service to the program and fellow graduate students. Your efforts expand professional development opportunities, improve student health and wellbeing, bolster every aspect of the BMEGG!

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