The mission of the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Group (BMEGG) is to provide the highest standard of student education, research, and service in the area of biomedical engineering. The multidisciplinary character of biomedical engineering and operation of the program as a graduate group offers unique opportunities to fulfill this mission. The educational mission is served by capitalizing on the expertise of faculty from diverse disciplines to develop a curriculum focusing on the application of engineering principles to medicine and biology. The research mission of the program is to encourage and support collaborative research designed to produce new knowledge about fundamental mechanisms in the life sciences and to bond basic and clinical research to provide new knowledge for improving health care by way of device development and innovative medical technology.

The program of study in biomedical engineering leads to an MS and/or a PhD and is intended to prepare students for professional work in the effective integration of engineering with the biological and medical sciences, including the modeling of biological systems and the design of devices and procedures useful for human and veterinary medicine. The program is designed to provide sufficient flexibility to meet both the needs and interests of individual students and the changes of emphasis in this new and rapidly growing field. While assuring competence in engineering and biological sciences, the program is intended to meet the conflicting demands for flexibility, breadth and depth of training, and limitation of training time. The program is designed to give each student adequate exposure to analysis, design, experimentation, and communication. A minimum core program is required of all students. Various additional course combinations identified in the tracks of study provide breadth and depth of training. Some substitutions to maintain flexibility are permitted, but the resulting program for each student is reviewed to assure that it meets the standards the faculty deem necessary to prepare the student for successful professional endeavors after graduation.