Reporting a concern

How do you report a concern?

Your concerns are important to us and we want to provide the best avenue for support and address your concerns as quickly as possible.

BMEGG: Within the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Group, issues and concerns can be reported to the Chair or to the Graduate Program Coordinator. If you wish to make an anonymous or indirect report, you can use this Reporting Form.

Academic or Student Misconduct: Report misconduct to OSSJA.

Animal Care and Use: UC Davis Institutional Animal Care and Use Reporting Form

Harassment & Discrimination: Report an incident to HDAPP

Hate or Bias: Report Hate and Bias to HDAPP

Lab Safety Reports: Issues of lab safety should be reported the lab PI, the Department Chair, or can be made to Safety Services.

Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment: Talk to a Advocate. Make a report to the Title IX Office.

Whistleblower reports should be made to the Chief Compliance Officer