Richard M. Levenson

Richard M. Levenson

Position Title

  • Pathology & Laboratory Medicine(School of Medicine)

Dr. Levenson's clinical interests include: informatics, anatomic pathology, microscopy, imaging, autopsy, personalized medicine, and computer-assisted diagnosis. We are working on imaging techniques for anatomic pathology that can either get rid of the slide, and allow direct tissue-to-digital microscopy for near-instant diagnoses at low cost (suitable for both advanced and low-resource settings), as well as methods for obtaining novel information directly from standard H&E-stained histopathology slides. IP for both of these methods has been licensed by UC Davis to a start-up company.

Accepting students per funding availability.

Research Interests & Expertise
  • Novel microscopy technologies and analysis, including AI tools for image enhancement and correlation with patient disease and prognosis
  • Novel sensors and reagents