Lin Tian

Lin Tian

Position Title
Adjunct Professor

  • Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine (School of Medicine)
Optical Neurophysiology, Biosensor Engineering, Neural circuitry mapping

Finding an effective treatment for neurological disorders is our ultimate goal in neuroscience. To achieve this goal, we must understand the brain mechanisms that govern physiological processes. The way our lab approaches this goal is to develop ultrasensitive genetically encoded indicators to enable high-resolution, large-scale monitoring of a broad of neural activity, including calcium, neurotransmitter and neuromodulator/peptides. Combined with modern microscopy, these sensors permit precise measurement of neural activity and chemistry on the brain in living animals, with single cell and single synapse resolution in real time.

No longer accepting students at UC Davis.

Research Interests & Expertise
  • Optical sensor engineering for multiplex, large-scale imaging of neural activity and employs these tools to study the brain mechanisms over the control of behaviors in health and disease.