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Students should complete the Prerequisite Checklist, Course Plan, and the Checklist for Degree Requirements below.  Use the checklist as a guide to make sure the Course Plan satisfies the degree requirements.  Student should send the completed forms (3) to their Graduate Advisor with any questions they may have.  The advisor will review and provide feedback and guidance.  Once an acceptable plan is established, then this plan should be approved by the advisor and filed with the Graduate Coordinator.  Consider the Course Plan as a working document that may be updated quarterly. It provides a general plan that will ensure course requirements will be met. If the plan is modified, then simply meet with your advisor to have the changes approved.

Prerequisite Checklist
Course Plan
Checklists for Degree requirements:

Students are required to complete an annual Student Progress Assessment.  Students should begin the SPA questionnaire and schedule meetings with their Major Professor, Dissertation/Thesis committee (as applicable), and Graduate Advisor during Spring Quarter.  The SPA must be fully complete and acknowledged by June 30th.

Check Support and Wellness Resources for more information on navigating challenging situations.

Biomedical Engineering Course Information
Courses listed by Research Area
Extended List of Common Graduate Electives for Biomedical Engineering

M.S. Plan I Degree Requirements
M.S. Plan II Degree Requirements
Ph.D. Degree Requirements
See POLICY section below for links to full Degree Requirement documents

Application for Designated Emphasis
Designated Emphasis in Biophotonics and Bioimaging
Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology
Designated Emphasis in Nuclear Science
Designated Emphasis in Translational Research
Graduate Studies Information on Designated Emphasis

BMEGG Filing Fee Eligibility Form
Graduate Studies Forms

BMEGG 2018 Degree Requirements
BMEGG 2013 Degree Requirements
BMEGG 2011 Degree Requirements
BMEGG Mentoring Guidelines
BMEGG Qualifying Exam
BMEGG Teaching Experience Requirement
Doctoral Candidate Degree Completion List
Graduate Council Policies and Guidelines
Graduate Student Guide

Biomedical Engineering Student Association
Financial Aid for Graduate Students
Graduate Student Association
Office of Graduate Studies
Services for International Students and Scholars
Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS)


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