Students entering the biomedical engineering graduate program for MS and PhD degrees must have completed the following courses or the equivalent. Deficiencies can be filled during the first few quarters of graduate school. Description of the courses listed below can be found in the general catalog. To determine course equivalence, consult a graduate adviser listed below. Note that Quarter Units = 1.5 x Semester Units. The MS degree is not a prerequisite for the PhD program in BME.

General Undergraduate Preparation for Masters and Doctoral Degrees

UC Davis courses numbered 100 and above, not taken to satisfy graduate program prerequisites, may count toward fulfilling graduate unit requirements.  UC Davis courses numbered 99 and below do not count toward graduate unit requirements
See Graduate Advisor for details.

Course Description UCD Equivalent Quarter Units
Physics PHY 9A-9C 15
Mathematics (Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations) MAT 21A-21D, 22A, 22B 22
Cellular Biology BIS 2A 4
Chemistry CHE 2A 5
Engineering (programming) ENG 6 4
Engineering (circuits) ENG 17 4
Engineering (electrical systems) ENG 100 3
Statistics STA 130A 4

Total Units 61

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