Shahin Shams receives 2020 BMEGG Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Shahin Shams has been selected as the winner of the 2020 BMEGG Outstanding Graduate Student Award.  This award recognizes a student for outstanding: success in the class room, achievements in research, mentoring, engagement in BMEGG activities, community outreach and any other noteworthy activities.

Shahin is working with Professor Eduardo Silva, and her research aims to develop polymeric-based delivery systems for angiogenic viral vectors, a research project that was entirely designed and envisioned by her. She already has an impressive record of scientific productivity, and has been awarded an NIH T32 fellowship in Pharmacology and the American Heart Association (AHA) predoctoral fellowship. Additionally, Shahin wrote and published a children’s book – “What is a vaccine?” that introduces the basics of immunology and emphasizes the science of why people need vaccines. After a careful review of all applicants, the review committee decided that Shahin’s scholastic performance, research accomplishments, mentoring, outreach, and other noteworthy activities made her the right choice for the 2020 Outstanding Graduate Student Award.

Congratulations again to Shahin for this well-deserved award.

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