BMEGG Student Research Conference 2016

May 19, 2016 marked our 5th annual Biomedical Engineering Graduate Group Student Research Conference.  Dean and Vice Chancellor Julie Freischlag opened the conference with a motivating Keynote Address on achieving career satisfaction in the health sciences.  The day was well-attended by students at all levels, and the quality of research displayed in the oral and poster presentations was truly impressive.

Congratulations again to the students who received special recognition for their presentations:



Best Oral Presentation:

Wendy Brown (Athanasiou lab),  “Engineering Articular Cartilage with Native Tissue Compressive Properties”




Best Poster Presentations:

Pantea Gheibi (Revzin lab),ResearchConference2016_Pantea “Low-volume Cell Culture Platform for In-vitro Culture of Tumor Organoids from Patient-Derived Xenograft (Bladder Cancer)”





Debika Mitra (Leach lab), ResearchConference2016_Debika“Evaluating Extracellular Matrix Deposition and Osteogenic Differentiation Potential of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Composite Scaffolds Under Flow Perfusion”







ResearchConference2016_EricPeople’s Choice Award (tied):

Eric Berg (Cherry lab), “Initial performance of a high sensitivity PET scanner for non-human primates”







ResearchConference2016_ChristianChristian Siltanen (Revzin lab), “Self-assembled hepatic spheroids maintain prolonged function in core-shell patterned poly(ethylene glycol) microcapsules”

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